What do we mean by transforming delivery?

We help companies design and implement agile and lean ways of working to realise value across portfolios, programs and projects.  We help customers adopt modern scalable delivery practices and embed practices through coaching and empowering internal teams.

Why are we able to do this?

Our capability comes from a track record of teaching, coaching and implementing these techniques across a broad range of organisations with different needs and goals. We have the experience to engage the people in your business and designing an approach to suit your environment and culture.

What’s special about us?

Our track record in delivery enables us to present, participate in and support Tabar in organising leading conferences in our areas of interest

  • 1st Conference: focusing on the first two years of your agile journey
  • LAST: – Lean Agile Systems Thinking practitioners conference
  • Spark the Change: building stronger organisations and happier workplaces.

In terms of Project and Program Delivery, outside of our core consultants who teach, coach and run delivery teams – we have a network of associates we use to facilitate project delivery. Key training courses we run in partnership with recognised providers includes:

In partnership with Swinburne University Other internationally recognised courses
Mastering Agile Project Management Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Agile Business Analysis Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)
Agile Fundamentals  Agile Lean Change

Sometimes it is hard to know what help you need or who to turn to.

Common questions our team get asked are:

  • We are doing agile, but where are the benefits we were supposed to get?
  • We’ve tried agile – it doesn’t work for my compliance / security / infrastructure program.  We want to meet someone who has done this before and made it work.
  • Can we just do things faster? / Why does everything take so long?
  • I’ve got so much work on – we seem to be constantly behind.  How do we get ahead?
  • for us, can we get someone to look at what we are doing and get it to start delivering?
  • We are doing sprints, but nothing is making it into production. Can we get help to understand the real reasons why and solve those issues?
  • It is expensive to get releases to production, how can we reduce the costs and measure the benefits?