Technical Strategy & Architecture

Internal customers can buy and access infrastructure on their corporate credit card and wonder why your team can’t deliver that. The hybrid environment combined with a patchwork mix of applications and legacy systems creates a complex environment to get clarity to navigate through to delivery.

The current push is to implement agile or devops, whilst enhancing security and demonstrating the benefits through faster, incremental delivery whilst fixing the historical under investment.  Deconstraining your infrastructure to enable the high performance you need takes special skills.  Our team of Enterprise and Technical Architects are skilled at:

  1. Assessing and diagnosing the current complex environment
  2. Designing change aligned to your constraints – legacy, organisation and skill based
  3. Hands on delivery to coach enhanced performance or deliver your outcomes

Why are we able to do this?

Our Enterprise and Technical Architects have hands on experience with long track records of successfully designing, building and running critical high performance infrastructure.  This means experience in virtualising, automating and deploying systems ranging from:

  • Identity and Access Management;
  • Linux, Unix and Windows;
  • Databases;
  • Storage, Backup and Recovery;
  • Implementing cloud based machine analytics & monitoring into legacy environments;
  • Implementing the Atlassian stack and wrap around plug ins and to create an ecosystem;
  • Working with software teams to deliver solutions rather than silos;

With the breadth of technology options available to teams, it is important to select a team with track record across the full suite of infrastructure, operating systems and environments to bring the experience, not just the theory.

Diversity of experience being a key focus, we’re able to provide expertise relevant from legacy systems optimisation or decommissioning, through to the design and deployment of devop environments.

What’s special about us?

Our consultants take a holistic view across the customer’s challenges, technology platforms and work to craft solutions for delivery.

Our core expertise ranges from:

  • Integrated network and security design & delivery – including connecting banks to clouds;
  • High availability, backup and recovery of critical systems;
  • Linking project and technology operations with teams and tooling;
  • Information security and emerging threat protection;
  • Virtualisation and data centre moves (including planning, delivery and QA);
  • Aligning infrastructure and removing constraints to rapid application deliver;
  • Coaching and upskilling operational teams in the latest productivity tools and techniques;

However, what is important is that we understand that Infrastructure is not your business, it is there to enable your business to perform.

That’s where we can wrap the business perspective, technical delivery and uplifting the capability of your staff to help drive the best outcomes for your business, with a solution that you own.

Sometimes it is hard to know what help you need or who to turn to

  • Why is it so expensive? Why can’t I just use my credit card?
  • I have a patchwork of applications, systems and boxes, I need to optimise the performance
  • It is not if we get a security incident, it is when. How do I get ahead of this?
  • I have a mix of vendors and the costs keep going up. What’s going on?
  • I need my infrastructure to deliver faster. How can I make it so?
  • Why do I keep running out of capacity ? Is there a better way to manage demand?
  • I need to be able to provide flexible dynamic load management by connecting to the cloud. What happens to my security posture then?
  • I want to speed up my build and deployment process. How can I do this “light touch” to prove the benefits to the sceptics in my organisation?
  • How can I do more with less?