Why Agile Leadership and Coaching?

We provide the expertise to work with the business and management helping to embed the practices and skills leading you to Organisational Agility.

Our coaches bring knowledge and scars from leading & implementing agile in varied industries and places.  They work with you to understand your business and challenges –  enabling us to help you and your team to take a step by step approach with methods that are applicable to you.

Why are we able to do this?

Our consultants have hands on experience with long track records of successfully designing, leading transformation programs – giving us the insight and scars to coach and mentor individuals and teams through changing the way their organisaitons work.  Key industries include:

  • Banking and Finance – including payments;
  • Telecommunications
  • Federal Government;
  • Health Sector;
  • Asset intensive industries and Mining

What’s special about us?

Claritas Consultants have access to the best training from its partnership with Tabar.  Their consultants combine this with track records in delivering projects in both agile and waterfall environments, as well as experiences leading agile adoption as coaches and ‘Heads of’.  This mix of: best of breed training; experiences; skills; and scars provide insight to help your team make the transition successful.

Sometimes it is hard to know what help you need or who to turn to:

What correct workflows and automation (some goals, problems and symptoms below)

  • Have you done the training and not quite sure where to start with the change?
  • Have you started the agile approach – and the wheels have fallen off and not quite sure why?
  • Is your team ‘going’ – but you aren’t quite sure about the direction, the speed nor the quality of the change?
  • Have you ‘gone agile’ and then found that delivery has stopped?  People are arguing about what to do next?
  • Do people just doubt the value of ‘agile’ and just aren’t coming on board?
  • You’ve seen and heard all the stories about agile, but something just doesn’t make sense for your organisation

Each of these scenarios – and more have been dealt with by out consultants.  The trick is experience and scars.  Let us share some of our war stories and help you and your team connect the dots.